Hello, my name is Isabelle, I’m French and I currently live in the USA in the state of Virginia…

…after a passage through France and a long stay in Brazil.


 I have traveled a lot. 

First and for about ten years, professional trips in Europe, Asia and Africa as an engineer in charge of projects in the industry.

South Africa - Cape Point - june 1997
India - Agra - Taj Mahal - october 1995
Russia - Novgorod - january 1997


Then in 2005, I followed my husband to Brazil in São Paulo where we lived for 14 years. We had the chance to visit this beautiful country and many others in Latin America.

Sao Paulo - mars 2013
Brazil - São Paulo - march 2013
Chiloe - Chili - octobre 2010
Chili - Chiloé - october 2010

Creative activity

This long stay was an opportunity for me to devote myself completely to a creative activity that I had left aside for lack of time. 

At the beginning, I worked for different non-profit associations in São Paulo.

Brésil - Sao Paulo - favela Vila Prudente - Atelier des mères - mars 2010
Brazil - Sao Paulo - favela Vila Prudente - Mothers workshop - march 2010
Brésil - Sao Paulo - objets atelier réinsertion - avril 2006
Brazil - São Paulo - rehabilitation workshop - april 2006

Then I developed my own textile creations that I sold under the name ”Ateliê da Isa B” (Isa B’s workshop in Portuguese).

These are always practical accessories that I have used myself. Being very organized by nature, I have always used many accessories to store my stuff in my bags and suitcases. So I have a nice collection of pouches in different sizes for everything!

I make them by hand and I take great care in the finishing touches and the choice of materials. Being very meticulous, everything is designed to last and of very good quality.

in France...

I returned to France in 2019 and continued my activity by creating my small business, starting this site and a shop on Etsy.

...then in the USA

And since June 2022, I live in Richmond, Virginia, USA where I continue to propose my creations in my shop renamed Isaboucreation


I hope you will enjoy my colorful universe. It is obviously inspired by Brazil where I lived for a long time, but also by Mexico, my husband’s country and all my wonderful travels.

I wish you a good visit on my site and see you soon!

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