This linen bag with zipper is great for organizing lingerie, underwear, socks, etc…and having a tidy luggage or travel bag.

If you are looking for travel gifts for women, to give to your mom, your best friend, etc… then this linen pouch can be a great idea. Especially if you want to give it to someone who loves tropical vibes !


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∗ Description

Versatility: the large linen lingerie bag with zipper is suitable for both week-end and longer trips making it a versatile addition to your travel essentials.

Organization: you can use it as a dedicated bag for lingerie, underwear, socks, and more. This will prevent these small items from getting scattered and lost in your suitcase or travel bag.

Large Size: the linen lingerie bag size makes it practical for storing other clothing items, such as T-shirts. This adds to its versatility and usefulness.

Elegant: the combination of navy blue linen and a cotton fabric with a tropical pattern, featuring parrots and foliage, gives the bag an elegant and stylish look. The added piece on one side of the bag enhances its visual appeal.

Zipper Closure: the zipper closure ensures that your items are securely held in place during transport, reducing the chances of things spilling out or getting misplaced.

Overall Utility: this bag is an excellent choice for travelers who value both organization and style while on the go. It helps you stay tidy and look great while packing and unpacking.

∗ Size

Height: 9 inches
Width: 13 inches

∗ Making

Handmade by me with meticulous attention to detail and a focus on quality finishes, this product will last!

∗ Care

To clean this bag, simply hand wash it using warm water.

∗ Shipping

Shipping is made with tracking number.

∗ Materials:

linen and cotton fabric


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linen bag with zipper
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