Linen travel lingerie bag, tropical fabric, large


This large linen travel lingerie bag with zipper is great for organizing lingerie, underwear, socks, etc…and having a tidy luggage or travel bag.

If you are looking for travel gifts for women, to give to your mom, your best friend, etc… then this linen pouch can be a great idea. Especially if you want to give it to someone who loves tropical vibes !






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Our large linen travel lingerie bag with convenient zipper closure is perfect for weekend escapades and longer trips, making it an essential accessory for your travels.


Designed to keep you organized, this linen bag is ideal for storing your lingerie, underwear, socks and more, ensuring that small items remain easily accessible, without the risk of dispersion in your suitcase or travel bag.


Versatile, the bag can also hold other items such as T-shirts, adding to its practicality.


Made from navy blue linen and cotton with a charming tropical motif of parrots and foliage, this bag is full of elegance and style. An additional detail on one side enhances its visual appeal.


The secure zipper ensures that your belongings remain in place during transport, minimizing the risk of dispersal or misplacement and guaranteeing a carefree travel experience.


More than a personal accessory, our travel bag makes a great birthday gift for women, whether it’s your sister, wife, mother or best friend, particularly if she’s a traveler who appreciates both organization and style.


Stay organized and travel with confidence and style, whether you’re packing or unpacking, let our travel bag be your companion!


height: 9 inches
width: 13 inches


linen and cotton fabric


Handmade by me with meticulous attention to detail and a focus on quality finishes, this product will last!


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