Clear window crossbody phone pouch with African fabric


This clear window phone pouch is a practical and beautiful accessory made from coated linen and authentic African fabric.
With its tactile feature, double pockets and moisture protection, it’s an ideal gift for women on the go.
The two zipped pockets keep small items safely organized, while the adjustable crossbody handle is very practical.
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This clear window crossbody phone pouch is an essential accessory for women. Whether walking or traveling, this phone pouch protects your phone and other small belongings.


Clear front window for full touchscreen functionality.
Double pocket for greater flexibility.
Made from coated linen and authentic African fabric adding a vibrant touch.
Easy to carry thanks to an adjustable crossbody handle.
Handmade with care, this product is designed to last and make an ideal gift for women.


Looking for travel gifts for your mother, sister, best friend or daughter?
This clear window crossbody phone pouch with double pocket is unique and is a practical gift idea that’s sure to please.


The coated linen fabric protects this pouch from moisture, ensuring your phone stays safe and dry.


The two zipped pockets provide secure storage for essential documents such as ID card, payment cards, passport and more while the padding adds an extra layer of protection.
The crossbody handle is made from the same African cotton fabric.


bag dimensions: height: 6 ½ and width : 7 ½
clear window pocket for a phone 6 ½ x 3 ½ max – (suitable for Iphone 16, Iphone 14 PRO max, Galaxy Note 9, …).
handle size: lenght 52” max


cotton fabric,
coated linen
transparent vinyl


Handmade by myself, with special care for the finishes, this product will last.



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